SAAG Utama
Project Overview

SAAG Utama

Excellent partnerships and cooperations between companies in managing exploration and production fields in Indonesia is one key effort in optimizing the working area within our country. That being said, PT. SAAG Utama has vouched to continuously contribute to the growth of indonesia's oil and gas industry, playing an important role in assisting projects initiated by both multinational companies and also Indonesia’s state-owned oil and natural gas corporations.

PT SAAG Utama have been the sole agent for Rolls Royce (RR) turbines for the past 15 years in Indonesia. We were awarded sales on several units of Avons and RB211s by ConocoPhillips, along with Overhaul & Maintenance Contracts that included overhauls, monitoring, field service and routine maintenance on all RR supplied equipment.

We have also supplied Allison turbines, a division of Rolls Royce, to companies such as Total Indonesia.
Projects we have done includes (but are not limited to):
  • Hang Tuah Moveable Offshore gas Production Unit (MOgPU)
  • Belida offshore platform [Upgrades]
  • Rolls Royce Avon 1535 Gas Turbine [Supply & Overhaul]
  • Rolls Royce Avon 1535 Power Generators [Supply]
  • Rolls Royce RB211 Compression Package [Supply & Overhaul]
  • Rolls Royce Spare parts [Supply]
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